Evolutionary Embodiment Experience:

A Vitalist Retreat

Retreat, Repattern, Revitalize with the Vitalist Team at Breitenbush Hot Springs

July 31- August 5, 2022

Relax in the Sauna

Soak in the Tubs

Enjoy group Movement

Dip in the Breitenbush River

Things are a little different this year.

**Registration and Payment for this experience is a two part process:**

Event Fee $999 per person + lodging fee

The Lodging Fee is a separate cost depending on which accommodations you choose and how many are in your group. (Scroll down to the Accommodations section see the options.)

Who are

The Vitalists?

Jeffrey Williams and Swirl Jordan Moore are

The Vitalists.

We lead people to an inspired, centered and sane place within themselves. We bring transformation by allowing your body to live with energy and resilience while aligning your mind with your authentic goals and ambitions!


We lead people to an inspired, centered, and sane place within themselves.

As master guides of transformation and human arts, we allow your body to live optimally, with vital, life force energy as well as resilience. We work WITH you to align your self, body, and mind with your authentic truths.

We retreat because every time we do, we open up, we get insight, we have clarity and it gives us what we need to stay on top of our game and create an impact that makes a difference. We retreat to places that capture Nature on High because we know that to tap our healing, to rejuvenate from the stresses of a demanding life, it requires us being in awe, in our natural environments where we tune back in and turn all the way on!

Together we will be activating our multidimensional awareness by nailing the 3D. We found that there are 7 things needed to nail 3D reality and open to the natural evolution of being a conscious human. The Vitalist Spiral: Breath, Movement, Sound, Rest, Nourishment, Hydration, and Presence. The Vitalist Retreat is designed to hold you in this spiral while your own innate wisdom takes over and allows you to rejuvenate and restore your vitality from within.

Vitalist Retreat Features

~Daily EDGU: Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance. This is a movement series that is told through a story. A fun and invigorating way to feel good and keep the spine flexible and young. The series is designed to flex and toggle each vertebrae therefore lubricating the spine with cerebral spinal fluid, this helps us feel vital and more alive.

~Daily INU: move-breathe-sound. INU is a fast track to clearing what is stuck in us, whether physically, emotionally or mentally. We utilize a synthesis of breathing, moving and activating mental power focused synchronistically to increase energy in the body, let go of blockages and limiting patterns, resulting in a cathartic release and a buzzing feeling.

~Vitalist Alignment Process: A hands on technique used to automatically shift the gears of the autonomic nervous system to rest and digest, growth and repair therefore out of the stress state. Bringing the brain to 100% power and the body into balance.

~Integration Station: A Biomat on a sound table with an eye mask and noise canceling headphones to immerse you into the integration process by speeding metabolic processes, cell function, increase immune function and enable deep Delta Brainwave rest.

~Pristine Nature environments: increase access to life-giving forces(natural life conductivity), enjoy the river, sauna, tubs, and forrest.

~Three high vibe, organic, vegetarian meals a day (An optional meal plan is egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.) provided along with accommodations at Breitenbush Hot Springs with full access to all Breitenbush facilities and soaking pools.

Accommodations at Breitenbush Hot Springs

We love Breitenbush Hot Springs and are honored to be leading another transformational event at a place that is sacred and dear to our hearts. We have a variety of accommodations available for our group. Registration must be paid in full to guarantee your spot. Event Fee does not include accommodations. Accommodations and the Lodging Fee will be a separate fee. Both fees will be collected by us, the retreat presenters—do not go to the Breitenbush website for your lodging. Event Fee will be collected with your registration information. Once we receive this information we will invoice you for the Lodging Fee.

BYOTent Site

Each Bring Your Own Tent site will accommodate one medium-size tent. These sites do not have fire pits, fires are not allowed.

Personal Vehicle Site

Personal Vehicle sites accommodate a truck with camper or a camper van of up to 21 feet in total length for in-vehicle sleeping. These sites are not meant for tow-behind trailers. There are no hookups and no running of generators allowed.

The Lodge Rooms

Includes one full size bed, night stand and radiator. With the exception of Hollyhock which includes two full beds. These cozy rooms are located on the west wing of our Lodge, which makes them conveniently located and accessible.

Platform Tent

Enjoy the ease of our Platforms Tents. Nine by nine foot tents already set up for you on a wooden platform, surrounded by part of the forest that remains green after recent wildfires. Each tent comes with two twin-sized foam camp mattresses.

The Aviary

The Aviary offers canvas tent-cabins named after birds from the Pacific Northwest nestled in the forest. Each tent-cabin has one full-size bed, nightstand, cafe table and chairs, plus a table on the covered porch. Up to two twin camping mats can be added to the room upon request.

Sundial Yurt

The Sundial Yurt is a twenty foot yurt heated by geo thermal heat and tucked in the trees. This space includes two full beds.

We don't like to brag, but we're

changing the game

"This week has literally been, hands down, the most peak experience of my life! I'm going to put it in my pocket and keep it close to me forever.

The genius combination of sacred space, soul shaking exercises, hands on transformation and ecstatic human connection is next level."

~Chelsea Rose

Business Director, Psychotherapist, and Mother

“The Vitalist Retreat was nothing short of profound. Life-changing techniques were shared that were easily digestible and readily applicable to nearly every situation of my life. Jeffrey and Swirl hold a strong and knowledgeable presence.

The intuitive bodywork sessions will realign your soul and the other practices assist in polishing the lens of your life and help lead one to understand their values and therefore what motivates and inspires themselves in virtually every decision that is made throughout one’s life.

I will be coming again as well as integrating this work into my company, my relationships and my life in general!!!"

~Jonathan Valdman

CEO and Father

“Few words can describe the value that the Vitalist Retreat brought to my life as it is still unfolding now many seasons later and in many ways. Jeffrey and Swirl's guidance is truly hands on with the level of intention and care they put towards creating an environment that allows for true transformation."

~Maria Herrera

Consultant and Branding Specialist

This is an experience like none other and we can't wait to lead you through deep reveal and transformation.