Presented by Jeffrey Williams & Swirl Jordan Moore, The Vitalist Core Team

Learn how to activate mind and body while busting stress

and getting back into alignment!

Moving Back Into Balance

September 18 - November 1, 2023

An online, transformational 7-week immersion

For beings who want to live an awakened, empowered, and activated life...



Your True



Your True


You have a unique, hidden power inside of you.

The power to heal yourself.

The body is infinitely wise, and it has all of the right tools, systems, and support you need already embedded within it to reach your peak potential on all levels. But only if you know how to activate it.

During this experience, deep dive into an embodied, restorative practice that will awaken this power within you, turning on your unique potential, and re-activating a fluid mind and body connection.

Not only will this immersion completely reset any corrupted and outdated programming, but it will also leave you with the knowledge you need to recalibrate, realign, and bring yourself back into balance at any time.

F@#! Burnout

We have normalized living in a stress state, causing people to look outside of themselves for the solutions to their problems, whether physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or spiritual.

In today's society, people are used to stress, anxiety, overwhelm, body pain, and dis-ease; finding themselves burned out, tired, and overworked, drinking caffeine, and alcohol, or relying on other substances and unhealthy habits to compensate.

But when you do this, you are only giving your power away.

This doesn’t have to be you. You are better than that.

And we know you are because you are here reading this, and something inside of you is being sparked as you are reading this right now... You want to ditch burnout and embrace that thriving, vital, ACTIVATED version of you!

To get started all you have to do is say yes to this to this truly transformational experience. Get ready for a life-changing exploration into embodied mindfulness.

F@#! Burnout

How It Works: The Vital Stack

There are TONS of wellness practices and "gurus" out there. So why pick US, and what's so special about what WE do?

(Great question Fam, we value independent thinkers.)

As Vitalist Coaches, we have decades of study and practice under our belts. We've tried just about everything out there— meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, biohacking, alphabiotics, ayurveda, cleansing, the list goes on....

So, we've taken the best of our knowledge, what we have seen, experienced, and what we know to work on ourselves and countless clients, and synthesized it into one awesome method we call, "The Vital Stack."

Why spend hours working out, and then meditating, and then doing breathwork, and then mindfulness exercises, and then... I thought you were already stressed?!

You can have it all in one powerful, nurturing, and restorative practice. We'll show you how.

We Are Vitalist

And we are here to help light you up from the inside out!

(Unmute the video to meet us!)

Moving Back Into Balance

an online, transformational 7-week immersion

May 31st - July 15th, 2022

"Life-changing techniques were shared that were easily digestible and readily applicable to nearly every situation of my life. Jeffery and Swirl hold a strong and knowledgeable presence."

— Jonathan Valdman

“I am waking up feeling really good in my body instead of the usual creaks and pinches I used to experience getting out of bed in the morning. Feeling grateful and good in my body.”

— Isaac Rappaport

"I was so beat down by my life and felt like I was a victim to everything. Working with Jeffrey helped me see the rest of the picture and gave me the power to stand up in my beauty, with my gifts like never before. My husband and kids felt like they were watching a hero in a movie. Thanks a million!"

— Kimberly Carville

Your Secret Weapon:

The Spine

Your Secret Weapon:

The Spine

Here's where we're going to throw you a twist! Are you ready for it?

We're going to be sharing one of our favorite practices in the world with you. It's called Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance.

Whether you have back pain or not, this practice is for you because you have a spine. YES, it offers relief for back pain. Yes, it helps prevent back pain. But you should know that your body is a highly integrated system, and the spine is one of the most integral body pieces in maintaining total mind/body health for every single person out there. You could be overlooking one of the most critical elements to your wellbeing.

Why is that? Because your spine is the highway that connects your brain to everything else in the body! You cannot live a fully awake, empowered, and aligned life if these two dimensions of yourself are blocked from properly communicating.

Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance is a gentle yet powerful practice that untangles that connection and opens the route for more fluidity. Through the systematic movement of each vertebrae, your spine becomes lubricated with cerebral spinal fluid, your untapped life-force energy, which helps all of your body's systems communicate in order to keep you vital and alive.

Bring more life into your central, verticle channel— the supportive core of your being. The results will radiate empowerment into every limb.

What is EDGU?

(Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance)

What is EDGU?

(Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance)

Multidimensional Healing

This practice isn’t purely physical!

Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance benefits all human aspects; physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.

By pairing this movement series with a life-affirming mindfulness narrative, the result is a powerful process of reprogramming that will help you release old, outdated patterns like pain, stress, overwhelm, and burnout while exploring the depths of your own core values. This storytelling aspect allows you to condition your mind, body, and spirit at the same time for a TRUE holistic experience!

The inner connection that is generated from doing this practice will light up your soul. It feels like learning how to intentionally generate a powerful sense of connection to Love from within.

Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance is still a little-known but well-coveted practice. As facilitators of the lineage, we would be deeply honored and humbled to invite you to experience this incredible practice that has totally transformed and aligned not only our lives, but countless others.

This experience is for you if:

  • You suffer from chronic back tension, stiffness, anxiety, or brain fog and want to see changes in the way you are embodied.

  • You're an overachiever who's looking for the next best life hack to have a high impact on yourself and the world around you while taking less time than almost anything else.

  • You're a spiritual seeker who desires to feel more connected, aligned with purpose, and lit in all areas of your life.

This experience isn't for you if:

  • You’re not ready for change.

  • You're not ready to look at the good AND the bad in your life and claim accountability.

  • You're not ready to commit to an ongoing wellness practice, no matter how simple it is.

  • You'd prefer to continue finding relief from unhealthy coping habits.

  • You're looking for an intense or rigorous workout routine.

Moving Back Into Balance

an online, transformational 7-week immersion

May 31st - July 15th, 2022

“I recommend this immersion for anyone who wants to improve spinal health and learn a fun interactive movement meditation to share with friends.”

— Meg West

"I’m sleeping like a baby for the first time in over a decade and my lower back pain is dissolving by the day."

— Steve Smith

"Yogis have a saying, 'Your age is not determined by years but by the health of your spine.' Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance is the simplest, easiest, and most effective method I’ve found to maintain a flexible and vigorous spine anywhere and anytime. For a truly inspired Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance experience, there are few who have the embodied expression and passion of the Vitalist Core Team."

— Jonathan Collier

Your Guides to Alignment

If you're totally stressed and feeling out of touch with your awakened sense of empowerment— we want you to know that we've been there! Three years ago, we weren't living a fully aligned life either.

Jeffrey had been left by his wife of 18 years with four kids, trying to keep up with running his own business, and managing being a single dad while feeling completely depressed, angry, and totally overwhelmed.

He already had felt there was no space for him in his own life, then with a divorce, the finances vaporized— talk about stress and loss of inspiration and hope.

Jeffrey was at a massive turning point when he showed up to teach the annual Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance Teacher Training at Breitenbush Hot Springs....

Swirl constantly felt like something significant was missing, she was a “starving artist," healer, and teacher. The epitome of the wounded healer and the martyr, always putting others' needs before her own.

On top of that, she continuously struggled with chronic pain from a young age, along with the pressure of just being human.

Financially broke and barely getting by on random side gigs, she was living a vagabond lifestyle out of her car and a storage unit. Although she found various things to alleviate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain she was experiencing, she just felt like she was treading water and getting nowhere. Until she showed up to assist the very same Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance Teacher Training...

With the potential to completely rewire the mind and body, during this week-long intensive experience, Swirl, and Jeffrey found themselves releasing stress, imbalance, distorted perceptions, and outdated programming they were holding onto, making way for new possibilities.

Not only did they become more aligned independently, but they became more aligned with each other, and have continued to share this practice that connected and transformed both of them with the world.

What You Will Receive

  • LIVE Masterclasses

(valued at $2700)

  • 7 LIVE Q&A Office hours for additional support

(valued at $2100)

  • Weekly prompts for deep self reflection

(valued at $300)

  • Accountability to show up as yourself for yourself

(valued at your own self worth increase)

  • Connection to the Vitalist Network #sanitytribe

(valued at $336)

  • Initiated as a Rainbow Range


  • A whole lotta fun and inspiration!


Total Value: $5436


Masterclass 1 Intro & Important Points

May 31 @ 12pm PST

Office Hours

June 3 @ 12pm PST

Masterclass 2 Inner Chores

June 7 @ 12pm PST

Office Hours

June 10 @ 12pm PST

Masterclass 3 Outer Chores

June 14 @ 12pm PST

Office Hours

June 17 @ 12pm PST

Midpoint Integration Week w/ Office hours

June 24 @ 12pm PST

Masterclass 4 Outer Journey

June 28 @ 12pm PST

Office Hours

July 1 @ 12pm PST

Masterclass 5 Inner Journey

July 5 @ 12pm PST

Office Hours

July 8 @ 12pm PST

Masterclass 6 The Ultimate View

July 12 @ 12pm PST

Can’t make it LIVE?

No worries, all masterclasses and office hours will be recorded and posted for replay!

Don't let another moment go by living in burnout, disembodied, and disconnected from the truly awakened, empowered, and aligned YOU!

Moving Back Into Balance

an online, transformational 7-week immersion

May 31st - July 15th, 2022

Learn how to activate mind and body while busting stress

and getting back into alignment!

Total Value: $5436


“I recently attended a training with Jeffrey and Swirl. They are great instructors who created a fun, and easy-to-follow experience.

I felt tended to and taken care of during the training which is very important doing this type of inner work. They did a great job of holding the space in a way that myself and the other participants felt a real sense of community.

As we all moved through the Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance sequence together we bonded through our inner journeys and moved through old blocks and into self-love. Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance is not only about the many physical benefits you receive from the movements it's also about self-connection and self-love.

I'm so grateful for this training and look forward to more Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance experiences held by the fantastic Vitalist Team!”

— Alexandra Frishman

Presented by Jeffrey Williams & Swirl Jordan Moore, The Vitalist Core Team |